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We increase your impact by helping you design human-friendly services and products that are easy (and even fun) to use.


Design for Humans blends the science of human decision-making with the art of design.


Design for Humans is a boutique consulting company that creates big changes with small nudges.

Who We Are


Mindy Hernandez is the founder and principle of Design for Humans. Mindy is an expert in applied behavioral science with a special focus on mobile persuasion. Mindy advises governments, companies, donors, and NGOs around the world on applying cutting edge behavioral science to measurably improve products, programs and policies. In 2013, she was asked to be the the liaison to the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team for the US Agency for International Development, a role she still holds. Prior to launching Designs for Humans, Mindy was a Senior Researcher with ideas42, a behavioral economics action tank at Harvard University. Mindy has lived in Africa (Mozambique and Uganda) since 2010 and holds an MPA from Princeton University. Her favorite behavioral scientist who does not realize he is a behavioral scientist is Louis CK.

Breakdown of Skills

  • Behavioral design

  • Evaluation design

  • Stata

  • Presenting complex ideas in simple, engaging ways

  • Bridging the research/real world divide

  • Listening to clients needs

  • Jokes

  • Ability to navigate the world without Google maps

  • Partner coordination

Domestic Projects

Texting to increase college savings

Place: Mesa, AZ
Partners: Center for Economic Development (CFED), Mesa Community Action Network (MesaCAN)
Status: Complete

view project

Making a plan to prepare for tax day

Place: Philadelphia, PA
Partners: Center for Economic Development (CFED), Campaign for Working Families (CWF) of Philadelphia
Status: Complete

view project

Donuts to increase survey completion

Place: Philadelphia, PA
Partners: Center for Economic Development (CFED), Consumer Credit Counseling of the Delaware Valley (CCCSDV)
Status: Complete

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Digital Persuasion Projects

Behavioral web design to increase savings for low-income young people

Place: Washington, DC
Partners: Center for Economic Development (CFED), Bank on DC and Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) of Washington, DC
Status: Complete

view project

Behavioral nudging to increase mobile money use in rural Mozambique

Place: Mozambique
Partners: Mobiles4All (M4A), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Vodafone/Pesa
Status: Implementation underway.

view project

Texting to improve the health of people living with HIV and TB

Place: Mozambique
Status: Implementation complete.

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Delicious Projects

Project: Menu redesign

Place: California
Partners: Greg Rapp, Brent’s Deli
Status: Implementation complete

International Projects

Behavioral nudging to increase mobile money use in rural Mozambique

Place: Mozambique
Partners: Mobiles4All (M4A), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Vodafone/Pesa
Status: Implementation underway.

view project

Texting to improve the health of people living with HIV and TB

Place: Mozambique
Status: Implementation complete.

view project

Behavioral design to increase use of modern family planning methods in Nigeria

Place: Nigeria
Partners: USAID, SBST, Harvard University, Swarthmore College
Status: Currently being designed

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Elizabeth Fox

Director, Office of Health, Infectious Diseases, and Nutrition at US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Working with Mindy has been eye-opening. She is exceptional at identifying opportunities to test and apply behavioral insights to improve our programming and help save the lives of more moms and kids.

Greg Propper

Co-President, Propper Daley

We recommend Mindy to everyone! She makes our work smarter and better- plus she’s fun and easy to work with. She’s helped us think about our challenges differently and has given us exactly what we need: insightful and actionable suggestions.

Hillary Miller-Wise

C.E.O, Esoko

Our company has shifted its way of thinking as a result of our work with Design for Humans and Mindy! As CEO of a for-profit company, value for money is paramount. Each time I engaged with Mindy, she offered highly relevant insights and practical ways for us to incorporate proven behavior change techniques in our work. Her approach is very data-driven, which aligns with the way we think as a company. She is careful not to take on too many engagements so that each client is assured her full attention and focus.

Megan Kiesel

Senior Program Development Manager at Clarifi

Working with Mindy was an absolute pleasure and I learned so much in the process. She has a unique ability to take complex ideas and make them practical and useful. Work with her!

Sergio Dista

Inclusive Growth Policy and Program Manager at DFID - UK Department for International Development, Mozambique

Mindy is bringing innovative behavioral design thinking and solutions to create systemic changes in the mobile space. Her work is done with passion, it’s concrete, and it’s transformational.

Onoriode Ezire

Director of Programs, FH+ Project Marie Stopes International, Nigeria

Mindy has been hugely helpful in supporting the Family Health Plus project in developing the evaluation design. She is really pushing our thinking on how little tweaks to our project can produce better and cost effective results. Working with Mindy is great and exciting and we couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Margaret McConnell

Assistant Professor of Global Health Economics at the Harvard School of Public Health

I have enjoyed collaborating with Mindy immensely. She combines an impressive ability to wrangle multiple stakeholders with varied objectives with a dedicated focus to designing research that can have real and measurable impact on the lives of vulnerable populations.

Gregg Rapp

Menu Engineer

Working with Mindy was easy and amazing. Mindy brings insights on customer behavior that helped shape our direction…..and they worked GREAT!

Crystal Hall

Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington

Mindy is a stellar collaborator. She has a unique depth of expertise in the behavioral science literature, coupled with years of experience on design and implementation work. She’s fun and easy to work with, and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Iulian Circo

Social entrepreneur and co-founder of Triggerise

Mindy and I worked together in Mozambique, where she helped us design and implement very interesting research. She is sharp, pragmatic and a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to more opportunities to collaborate with her.

Andrew Karlyn

Regional Advisor, Africa, US Agency for International Development, Global Development Lab

Having worked with Mindy Hernandez in the field for several years now, I have found her approach to development problems to be insightful in terms of development theory and practice, and actionable in terms of behavior change and adoption. I would work with Mindy again in a heartbeat.

Margaret O’Connor

Chief Strategist, Impact Brands Africa

Mindy taught me to think differently about survey design and tolerating ambiguity. Her proven ability to move between board rooms and the field makes her an incredibly valuable learning partner and behavioral researcher. Mindy’s compassion for and understanding of people across Africa heightens her ability to develop and implement useful market tests.

We are passionate about building things: new ideas, new projects and, especially, new partnerships.

Mindy Hernandez

Founder & Principle
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To successfully nudge people toward a specific behavior, we must first understand the road that leads to that behavior. How complex (or just plain annoying) is the journey? What steps are needed? Where are the potholes or barriers? Understanding the answer to these questions will help you understand the "behavioral map" (or what the great psychologist Kurt Lewin called tension systems) that leads from the status quo to the ideal behavior.

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This behavioral mapping tool has been designed to help you chart the path to your target behavior the way a behavioral cartographer would, if there were such things as behavioral cartographers.

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